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Increase Your Wholesales

by 123wholesale Admin on January 25, 2019
As the retail and wholesale markets closed strongly on 2018 and we now get ready to pay our dues to Uncle Sam (IRS), we take a look at some of the practices that really helped us grow our sales last year and how YOU can too.

1. Offer specials that bring retailers better than discounts.

IT IS NO SECRET THAT BUYERS LIKE LOW PRICES. Building 2x savings into your offers every day, weekly, etc. will put you at an upper hand and help you move your stock rapidly and effortlessly.

B2B purchasers will look for these specials and will welcome the additional offers they get when they order from your organization — which implies more sales for you.

Offer discounts to the overall price of the order for pallet orders. Ex. at 123 Liquidation we offer wholesale merchandise at up to 85% off MSRP, which is already way below our competitor's pricing. As an added bonus buyers who get X amount of items in 1 order may get an additional 5% or 10% OFF

So there you have it Tip #1 helped us grow our sales online rather quickly. Do you know anyone that can use some help to scale their business online? Share this message with them. Stay tuned for tomorrow's tip on increasing customer LOYALTY.